Getting to know you, getting to know all about zombies…

Posted: October 22, 2010 by jenniferdent in Updates

Unlike some of the other team members I am not a horror fiction fan.  In fact oddly enough horror movies scare me.  I know weird eh?

But I still need to get to know our subject matter and the genre and the stylings of such so as recommended by my teammates I grabbed a friend and some popcorn and watched Zombieland as research.  It was really good, but I still don’t like being on edge for an hour and a half .

Here’s what I’ve learned about our friends the zombies so far…

In zombie fiction there are over 10 distinct types of zombies.  The main differences occur in the areas of origin of the zombies, how to kill them and their speed and agility. The common threads seem to be that individuals die before they become zombies.  An infection or contamination is sometimes the cause.  Most zombies are slow, but in some franchises, they are human like, or even faster.  Most often zombies can be killed by destroying the brain.


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