What is Reality Gaming?

Posted: December 11, 2010 by Robyn Denise in Geo-Caching, New Technology

Remember when you use to make fun of those kids sitting around a table with their Dungeons and Dragons book pretending they were Lothar, Second to the Throne of the Realm of Dugaius?  Rolling the dice, announcing that they will be using magic missiles to destroy the vile beast that blocks the way between this party and the treasure?  What if you toss in some electronics.. maybe an iphone into the mix?  Well the times are a changing my friends.

Combine the excitement, adventure and mystery of your favorite book or video game… bring it into your real life and this is Reality Gaming.   You are the game.

Not anymore!

One example of reality gaming is Geocaching.  This allows people to hide “treasures” anywhere in the world and enter the location of the treasure into a database (based on the geo-location).  This then allows other players to look up treasures that are close to them and gives them an opportunity to find them.  Like all games, Geocaching has rules.  If you hide a treasure, it is your responsibility to check up on your treasure every so often to make sure it is in good shape and is still there.  If you remove it, you must remove it from the database.

Clock without a Face - Real Life Treasure HuntingAnother treasure hunt type reality gaming came from a children’s book called Clock without a Face.  By reading the book you were given clues as to where the numbers were hiding throughout the United States and people were able to gout and actually find the numbers as told by an article at the Alternative Reality Gaming Network.

With the introduction of Smart phones, such as iPhones people are able to access these types of games more easily.

iPhone for instance offers many games that involve using your phone as your controller and as you navigate around your natural environment you are faced with different tasks, whether it is trivia or even shooting monsters that suddenly appear as seen in “Look-Up”   (available on iTunes) where you need to shoot UFOs as they come down from the sky.Look-up App on iTunes

As technology grows, the future of Reality gaming will only continue to amaze us with the possibilities of what we can do.

One day we could even… wait… whose there? What the? Hel…..


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