Posted: December 14, 2010 by otirac in Updates

Wow, sometimes, working on a  game like this, something that has the potential to become a very large scale/always running event, it is very easy to get too excited and try and pack everything that seems like it could be fun into it.  It is all possible, of course, but it can be overwhelming when you look over what you’re planning to do and seeing that it is all related so to get one thing working you will need lots other things to be working first.  But then you start to think how awesome a game like this would be and  how everyone would enjoy playing it and it seems like it just HAS to be done.

I guess my favourite part of planning a project like this is the idea/planning stage.  I love brain storming and coming up with new ideas and getting excited over those ideas.

Also, although advertising isn’t my favourite thing to do, I love making teaser and trailer videos.  I was able to help work on our teaser trailer for the Zombie Apocalypse game and it was a lot of fun.    JH had a great idea for the teaser and we recorded my voice doing the emergency broadcast.  It was amazing to hear my own voice later  being played back sounding the way it did.  Almost unrecognizable.  The part that I had a lot of fun with was syncing the “Will you survive?” text with the heavy gasping breaths at the end.  Making scary movies and trying to manipulate emotions through video is something I really enjoy doing.

I hope we do get to finish the final product just as we planned, or better.  This game definitely has  a lot of potential!


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