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Reality Gaming and Me

Posted: December 14, 2010 by tlDesign in New Technology, Updates, Videos

I love reality gaming.  More-over I love the idea of education through gaming; discovering the world in a fun and interesting way which makes the process of learning FEEL like a game.

In the beginning of this project I had big ideas involving geo-location, mulit-user interactivity, and RFID technology. I wanted the scope to be huge and – in effect – the result to be great. Being bogged down by technological constraints  (such as the iPhone flash packager) somewhat limited the scope of our project. On further research it will hopefully be possible to create (possibly in Objective C) a working mulit-user platform which uses geo-location to create a virtual game in the users real world.

One video which inspired the group in our initial planning was Seth Priebatsch TED Talk on a game layer over the world.


Priebatsch talks about the gaming layer on the world and how status is the best motivator. If you see someone with a platinum Mastercard, and all you have is a rewards card, you feel the desire to have that card; to have that status. Priebatsch says that if we are able to weave the desire to be better into our products then people will use them more willingly.


In our reality gaming club I tended to lead discussion and get the ball rolling early on. I created the graphic ‘feel’ of the zombie game and poster which influenced the look of the video. Overall I tried to participate in every avenue available to me in order to learn the technologies we are working with. It was a fun process and is definitely something I look forward to pursuing in my last semester at Sheridan and afterward.


What is Reality Gaming?

Posted: December 11, 2010 by Robyn Denise in Geo-Caching, New Technology

Remember when you use to make fun of those kids sitting around a table with their Dungeons and Dragons book pretending they were Lothar, Second to the Throne of the Realm of Dugaius?  Rolling the dice, announcing that they will be using magic missiles to destroy the vile beast that blocks the way between this party and the treasure?  What if you toss in some electronics.. maybe an iphone into the mix?  Well the times are a changing my friends.

Combine the excitement, adventure and mystery of your favorite book or video game… bring it into your real life and this is Reality Gaming.   You are the game.

Not anymore!


The brains behind zombies eating brains

Posted: December 9, 2010 by justinhowlett in ActionScript, New Technology, Updates

A lot of people have been asking about the technology behind the zombie game, so as the lead developer I thought I’d write a quick run down on the behind the scenes.

We use the “flash packager for iPhone” which uses basic adobe air actionscript programming (for android devices it stops there) for iPhones it converts the air code to native objective-c. As for the maps we use google’s static image API which just returns an image based on your latitude and longitude provided by the built in GPS on your phone.

Geo-Location with Actionscript 3

Posted: November 13, 2010 by Robyn Denise in Geo-Caching, New Technology, Updates

One of the main aspect’s of our game is to allow the players to find set (or possibly randomized) items throughout the playing field.  These items will increase armor, restore health or even allow them to use a specific weapon against the ‘zombies’.  To do this, we needed to work on some code that would allow us to use geolocation (longitude and latitude) to set these items. And who do you think volunteered for this task? That’s right, the one with no programming background at all… me! I love a challenge.

Geolocation Screenshot

You are here... so are your braaaaiiiiinnnnssss!

It wasn’t an easy task but I was able to find some tutorials and information to get this done, or at least start it.   Sites like Republic of Code is a great site when you are starting out.  They have tons of tutorials and tips.  I found one for geolocation here which helped me a lot to understand what exactly needed to be done.

Here’s hoping I can get it working.


Zombie Apocalypse Poster

As is, one player will be randomly ‘infected’ at the start of the game and everyone else tries to survive.

We’re still in the midst of developing the game and would love any input you have! We are the Reality Gaming club at Sheridan College and welcome any newcomers who want to participate; just send us an email and come out to our bi-weekly meetings!